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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Translating Your English Website to French




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There has never been a better time to offer your website indifferent languages as it is now. This is because the internet has made it possible for businesses to get in touch with customers in other countries of the world. For you to get the most out of the emerging E-commerce opportunity, you will have to seek the services of a reputable translator. Thanks to their help, you are destined to translate your website to any language of choice. That aside, today we are going to examine some of the common mistakes to avoid when translating your English website to French.

  • Using Online Translation Generators

One of the biggest mistakes website owners tend to make when translating English to French is sourcing text into an online translation generator. Taking this route will definitely lead to shoddy word-for-word rendering that is never going to bring anything into your business. To make matters worse, your content will be less appealing to readers in the native language. Furthermore, you might end up isolating your target audience since the content is confusing. No wonder you are advised to seek the services of a company such as Translate to French instead of relying on translation generators.

  • Relying on Non-Native Translators

There are quite a number of translators who can be able to speak different languages fluently, but there will never be a substitution for a native translation. Even though non-native translators are more efficient than translation generators, they still lack a clear understanding of the local context, phrasing, and etymology to mention a few. Native translators on the other hand are going to use their distinct understanding of the French language in localizing the website to your target audience. You are thus destined to reap the benefits of hiring a native French speaker to translate English to French.

  • Evading SEO

Regardless of whether you are marketing to your native language or a new one, you must never forget about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is because SEO has an important role when it comes to ranking your website highly on major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. Given that SEO tactics change slightly depending on the language you wish to use, you will be forced to start afresh in order to achieve business success. To avoid going through a lot, it would be better to seek the services of a local internet and website marketing company after translating your website from English to French.

In Conclusion

Learning how to translate your website into French is not a piece of cake especially when you are working solo. This is why working with local French translation service providers will save you time and money. Before making the decision to advertise your translated website, you should ensure everything is handled with care and expertise. It is then that you are set to take your business to the next level without encountering any problem whatsoever.


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