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Is The 2020 NBA Draft Class Weak?




If you think the lack of household names makes the NBA Draft 2020 weak, then you are totally mistaking. Of course, any NBA team would rather have their own Michael Jordan or Steph Curry in the lottery. However, it still goes down in history that every championship team has featured secondary guys who complement its best players. This was quite evident with Livingston’s playmaking for the Golden State Warriors. Even though the 2020 NBA draft class does not feature the type of elite one-name prospects, it is still going to be remarkable.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it is still unclear when the 2020 draft takes place considering it can only happen once the 2019-2020 season is over. High chances are the draft may be pushed from June 25 to August or September. Despite this, scouts and front office executives may go through a lot preparing for what is deemed a complicated draft due to the lack of in-person interviews and workouts. Some teams consider Georgia guard Anthony Edwards the best prospect because he is a more muscular version of Victor Oladipo. Team drafting will therefore have a hard time determining whether to gamble on a prospect or make a safer bet.

Many will agree that shot creation is among the most important skills a player needs to have in today’s G League. The NBA Draft 2020 is filled with 3-and-D wings of dissimilar varieties. There are players who are good at defending but need to improve their jumpers whereas others can shoot the light but poor at man-to-man defense. Front offices that are picking at the top of the lottery should consider striking a balance between the upside and greater certainty. That is where positional value is going to prove beneficial when compared to the previous years.

James Wiseman, Memphis center is widely viewed to be the best big in the draft. Despite being a physical specimen who shows flashes of Rasheed Wallace on the offensive, there are growing concerns of his capabilities to make quick reads required by an excellent. Unless a center emulates a bona fide star like Nikola Jokic, it is always best to spend elsewhere. This was evident for the Los Angeles Lakers with JaVale McGee and the Los Angeles Clippers with Ivica Zubac. However, Wiseman is no slouch and hence it’s quite hard to see him failing.



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