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Red Flags When Selecting An Insurance Broker




Selecting an insurance broker is indeed vital for anyone who wants an insurance cover. Brokers can help you in selecting the best insurance policies that best fit your needs. They also ensure you get a good plan with reasonable premiums. After all, they have what it takes to help you get and compare insurance quotes from multiple insurers.

However, you also need to be keen when selecting an insurance broker since some of them are only scammers who want to squander your money. Therefore, let’s dive into some red flags when selecting an insurance broker.

Selecting One Single Broker

Most insurance teams run a tender for a particular renewal, select a single broker and then go back to the market with that single broker, actually this is a huge mistake. The lies brokers tell their clients are hilarious and they can possibly do anything to avoid honest competition. Selecting the best broker is an oxymoron since whether a broker is good or bad, it will not be a risk management decision but a market decision.

An insurance broker is considered best when he or she offers best quality coverage for a reasonable price. However, you cannot choose the right broker before going to the market. The only smart move when selecting a broker is to shortlist two or three of them, then divide the available markets and let them bring the best coverage at an affordable price.

Selecting A Global Broker

Another huge mistake is not diversifying brokers and giving most or all insurance renewals to a single company. Broker relationship just like any other investment needs to be diversified across the insurance lines as well as time. On certain circumstances, the lines you open tender with multiple brokers every year and on others they tender after a couple of years.

You shouldn’t fall in love with your insurance broker as they all offer more or less the same service, once you shortlist the good ones. It’s also a terrible mistake to get your local broker office to engage your overseas insurance lines. Brokerage is all about broker-underwriter personal relationship and long-distance relationship can’t work best for anyone with an insurance policy.

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