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Solutions to Curbing Global Warming in the Fresh Meat Sector




The effects of meat global warming are already being faced in different parts of the world.  To many, meat has no impact on climate change as they mostly associate it with emissions from factories and vehicles. However, recent studies suggest meat consumption and the industry as a whole leads to more emissions than vehicles, ships and airplanes combines. So, how can we curb global warming in the fresh meat sector? Here are some of the most notable ways.

Apply Lean Manufacturing

A significant amount of meat waste emanates during the manufacturing process. No wonder every meat factory is advised to put in place measures aimed at making sure they reduce global warming. To offer a helping hand, factories can apply lean manufacturing as it goes a long way in keeping the environment safe. For instance, you can align production and sales planning more closely in the supply chain.

However, you will first have to understand the root cause of meat waste after which you can develop solutions to reduce it. Keep in mind curbing meat global warming is not something that you can achieve overnight. Instead, it requires patience before we start witnessing the results.

Packaging Matters

There is no way you can cut on meat consumption or opt for healthy meat yet your food packaging contributes to climate change. This is actually a waste of time since you may not even be making a huge impact. That is why meat factories and suppliers must ensure the packaging contains clear and appropriate information regarding the storage and date labeling to help consumers and users of the product. Luckily, there are numerous actions you can take to change the products’ packaging, labeling or even merchandising.  It is only then that you will reduce the effects of meat global warming on the planet.

Improve the Separation of Meat from Carcass

Last but not least is improving the separation of meat from carcass during the manufacturing process. This may not come as a surprise to many considering a high number of residual materials from animal carcasses is rendered unnecessary. The good news is that meat factories can decide to sell the residual material if a market is found. Better, improving the separation of meat from carcass will go a long way in attracting a lower disposal cost. Well, this is exactly what we need to make the world a better place.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the solutions to curbing global warming in the fresh meat sector. Remember, this applies to every meat factory regardless of whether you are producing meat antibiotics or any other product. Consumers also have an important role to play since manufacturers cannot do everything single-handedly. It is for this reason that you are advised to reduce meat consumption while at the same time opting for healthy meat. To achieve success, you should calculate the resources of your meat consumption on a weekly or even monthly basis.


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