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Things You Didn’t Know About Your Residential HVAC Unit




Air conditioning plays a vital role of keeping us relaxed, healthy, comfortable and cools us down. Better, they make us way more productive. Either way, you need to be sure that you understand almost everything regarding your residential HVAC unit if you are to keep it in the best of shapes.

You might feel as if you know all there is to know about your HVAC system, but there are probably a few things that you don’t know. No wonder you should make it the norm to keep learning whenever you have the chance. Here are some of the things you probably have no clue about your HVAC unit.

Regular Changing Your Air Filter is a Must

To increase the lifespan of your residential HVAC unit, it is important that you make it the norm to change the air filter. Skimp on this and you may find yourself in a lot of trouble in the long run. Actually, clogged air filters happen to be the leading cause of HVAC failures in most homes. Ensure you change the air filters every month or two, especially if you have pets around.

Closing Your Vents Can Harm Your HVAC System

We understand that closing your vents is one of the best ways to cut down on your cooling bill costs. However, this action can end up putting a strain on your HVAC system. Whereas it will cut off air flow to that particular room, it doesn’t redirect the air.  Instead, it causes stress to the HVAC system, and may even cause problems in the future. Even though you may be saving money now, chances are you might be costing yourself more with pricier issues in the future.

The Take Away

Whereas you may already know all there is to know about HVAC systems, you might find yourself doing some things wrong. That’s why you should never rush over things, especially when having an issue with your system. Instead, it would be better to call upon professionals and let them handle regular maintenance of your unit.


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