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Why is Data Profiling Important?




Truth be told; markets are more competitive than ever. For you to stand the chance of attaining business success, you need to capitalize on your data. But gaining control over your data is not an easy undertaking as some entrepreneurs tend to think. Without understanding the steps that need to be followed, you will end up using inaccurate information when making business decisions.

To prevent this from happening you should start with data profiling. Just in case you do not know, this process aims to confirm the condition of data in different forms and data houses throughout your organization. All you have to do is plug a data profiling tool into a data source, and it will offer a significant amount of insights into the quality of data.

How Does Data Profiling Work?

Some may argue data profiling is a very complex process. Even though there is some truth in this, you can still get it done hassle-free by separating it into two categories; content discovery and structure discovery. With structure discovery you can validate the consistency of your data or check its format. One of the easiest ways to go about this is through pattern matching.

When it comes to content discovery, you can only perform it once you finish analyzing the structure of your data. You should, however, remember content discovery is more about the individual elements. Either way, it can help you get a more accurate image of the data quality.

Why is Data Profiling Important?

With the ever-increasing quantities of data, organizations must strive to manage it properly. Furthermore, they ought to ensure their data is of the highest quality. Rather than missing out on sales opportunities, you can start by formatting or standardizing your data correctly. Considering data profiling helps in better decision making, it will serve as the perfect gate pass to understanding your target audience way better.

Now that you already know what data profiling is all about, ensure you get through this step effectively. That way, you’ll no longer find yourself using inaccurate information to make business decisions.


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