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How Bamboo Compares to Other Materials




The popularity of bamboo products seems to be growing in different parts of the world.  From bamboo fabric underwear to bamboo baseball bats, you are definitely going to get good value for your money after opting for this remarkable material. However, some people are yet to embrace the use of bamboo products in their homes. What they fail to realize is that they are missing out on a host of benefits. In this article, we will take you through how bamboo compares against other materials we are accustomed to using in our homes. Read on and find out more.

Bamboo vs. Plastic Products

Bamboo products are transforming our homes by replacing many plastic items for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, bamboo cutting boards and plates are more resistant to bacteria growth thus explaining why you will always use them for a long time to come. What is even more fascinating is the fact that bamboo dinnerware adds an elegant and earthly look to your table while at the same time preventing the leeching of chemicals into the food you eat. If you are wondering where to buy bamboo plates, then you should consider checking out the official website of Top Bamboo Products.

Bamboo vs. Wood Products

Bamboo products are always going to win over the battle when compared to wood products. Unlike wood, you will never see dealers running out of bamboo baseball bats or any other product made from bamboo. But why is this so?  Well, bamboo tends to grow faster with most species taking three to four years. Things are quite different with hardwood trees since some take close to 35 years before attaining maturity.

If you think that is all you are set to benefit from when using bamboo products, then you are mistaking.  A bamboo bathtub caddy tray generally requires much less maintenance than its wood counterpart thus saving you a lot of time. Better, all bamboo tableware do not acquire the rough texture that is very common in wood utensils after a few months of use. So, why not give bamboo tableware and see how they will transform your life for the better.

Keep in mind this remarkable plant can be used in manufacturing different types of products. Some of the most notable products you are destined to come across include bamboo charcoal air purifier bag, bath towels mattress protector, shades to mention a few. Pet lovers have also not been left behind since you can now lay your hands on bamboo chews for dogs.

The Bottom Line

In this era when many countries are looking forward to improving the environment, it is the sole responsibility of each individual to be good stewards of the earth. This is the reason why you should switch from cotton to bamboo yoga pants and bamboo sheets. The same case applies to your kitchen since a total remodel is going to serve you perfectly while at the same time protecting our planet.



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