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Taking Care of Your Crested Gecko Pet




Crested gecko

Once thought to be extinct, crested geckos were ‘rediscovered’ around 1994. Since then, they have become popular among pet lovers precisely individuals who love the reptile family. Nowadays, it is not surprising to come across crested geckos in people’s homes considering they require low maintenance. Better, they are well suited for novice lizard owners and children alike. But before getting yourself one, you need to prioritize some important factors. Today, we will take you through some of the things you ought to do if you are to enjoy your crested gecko pet.

Housing Crested Geckos

When having an adult crested gecko, a minimum of a 20-gallon tall terrarium can serve as the perfect cage. However, it would be better to go with a larger tank since they need lots of vertical space for climbing. Keep in mind male crested geckos tend to be territorial and hence you need to keep one male per tank. For ventilation purposes, screened enclosures or a glass terrarium, having a screened side can work just perfectly.

To create enough room for climbing, you need to provide a mixture of bamboo, cork bark, driftwood or vines. You should also add sturdy live plants thus making it easy for them to hide whenever they need cover. Even though they prefer drinking water droplets from leaves, including a small water dish will also be fine. Be sure to fill the dish with fresh water each day.

Crested Gecko Food

In order to maintain a well-balanced, nutritious diet without having to strain, you can consider opting for a commercial crested gecko diet. This can be perfectly supplemented by other prey insects and crickets. You can allow your crested gecko to exercise hunting instincts using the prey insects.

Never feed your pet with an insect that is much larger than the gecko’s eye. In addition, the prey insects must be gut loaded prior to feeding and dust it using a Vitamin D3 or Calcium supplement. If buying commercial crested gecko diet is proving expensive, simply feed your pet a combination of fruits and insects prey items even though it might be quite hard for you to maintain a balanced diet.


We can never conclude without talking about the sufficient temperature for your crested gecko. During the day, you need to maintain a temperature of 72-80 F and 65-55 F at night. A good source of heat for the terrarium would be a low wattage red nighttime bulb. At no time should you decide to rest a heat source at the top of the tank since crested geckos are fond of climbing.

In Conclusion

A crested gecko will serve as the perfect reptile pet for your home as long as you maintain all the requirements including housing, feeding, temperature, humidity and so on. The good news is that sites such as Topflightdubia will always come in quite handy when planning to get crested geckos as pets. Simply checkout Topflightdubia after which you can get yourself one.


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