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Ways to Make a Wool Jacket Look New Again




Many people will attest to the fact that wool is by far one of the most enduring jacket materials for humans. Even though wool jackets vary in quality, consistency and coloring, there might come a time when they start to look worn and faded. This is mainly the case due to dirt, fabric friction and poor storage techniques.

Either way, this does not always have to be the case since there are numerous ways to make your wool jacket look new again without going through a lot. The secret lies in understanding what is expected of you, and you’re good t go. It is then that you will not have to worry about buying a new coat.

To offer a helping hand, you should make it the norm to remove lint and pilling by running a lint brush over your wool coat. It is highly recommended that you use firm strokes when brushing the wool. Be sure to keep a close eye on the areas that pill heavily such as the side of the sleeves.

Aside from removing lint and pilling, you can also restore the smoothness of your wool coat with suede brush.  Keep in mind the wooden fibers of wool jackets tend to clump together as it ages. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by brushing your jacket with a suede brush. Of course, this is after removing the lint and pills. Through this action, you will reintegrate the fibers and give your coat that smooth look characteristic of a new wool jacket.

Remember, it all starts with the quality of wool jacket you buy.  Ensure you opt for wool jackets made using the highest quality materials as they will serve you for many years to come. If you are in dire need of such jackets, then you should look no further than Filson. Here, you will come across a wide range of wool jackets to choose from without digging deeper into your pockets. Check out this online store today to find out more before placing an order.


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