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What to Expect from the Best Childcare Center




After thoroughly researching several child care centers near me and carefully selecting one, some parents make the critical mistake of letting down their guard. When most parents become troubled by how the preschool Singapore runs some certain programs, they’re always hesitant to make waves and even ways more reluctant to switch schools.


Many parents only expect their kids to be happy at a childcare in Singapore center, and they convince themselves that no experience is perfect in early childhood education. Nonetheless, overlooking red flags in a kindergarten is something that a parent can possibly live to regret. With that being, keep reading to find out some red flags that shouldn’t be disregarded at a preschool.


Childcare centers Singapore with few math manipulatives is another common red flag that parents shouldn’t assume at all costs. The best preschool in Singapore should have sorting objects, Unifix cubes, number lines, pattern blocks, a cash register among others. If a parent realizes that these items are lacking in the playgroup class, they shouldn’t hesitate to question the teacher how math is being taught.


A firm preschool math program is one that progressively transitions children from the concrete manipulatives to the abstract numerals. Top preschools in Singapore should stress exploration, small group activities and dramatic play such as pretending to be a bank teller and being a checker at the grocery store. Teachers should also integrate numerals, counting, pattern and problem-solving into the curriculum through art, games, songs and finger-plays too.


To please parents who want their kids prepared academically for kindergarten, more playgroup owners now offer early enrichment. But in doing so, many co-opt ideas used at elementary schools and thrust them upon young learners. As a result, little kids normally get subjected to inappropriate practices such as writing in workbooks as well as doing assignments.


Consequently, kids can suffer from undue stress, frustration and even get turned off to learning. Parents ought to see a day care centre that pushes early academics, as a waving an enormous red flag. In reality, playgroups that create a child-centered environment and promote a learn-by-doing approach are always the true champions in early childcare education.


Such playgroups are well-informed and even know that play is the best way for youngsters to build their vocabularies, develop empathy as well as promote their curiosity. This is precisely what it takes to prepare your child for what lies ahead.


Linda Barbara

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